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For those of you who recently difficulty mengindex backlinks especially tier 2, the following alternative ways of indexing links without using indexing services:

1. Aged domains

1. Prepare some aged domains that are not moneysite (if you do not have a cheap buy at Godaddy, its backlink is not clear also gpp, an important aged domain). 2. Create a new html page containing backlinks that want in the index. 3. Submit the html url to Google. 4. Usually 80% links will keindex in a short time. 5. Remove the html url to avoid leaving the footprint.

2. Aged Web2.0

1. Prepare some aged web2.0 that has high crawling. In adsid / bhw many selling murmer. 2. Create a new post containing backlinks who want in the index trus in publish. 3. Submit link to Google (use new account) 4. Delete url after backlink keindex.

3. Social Signals (u / index tier 1 who stubborn)

Try to buy social signals who have a panel account so you can control everything yourself. If I personally buy at because support multiple platforms and fast delivery.


Why need multiple aged domains or some tumblr sis? To minimize footprints.

Is not it better to use dripfeed sis? Yep, please if you want to use dripfeed for a few days. If you install WP live in the Schedule post it, more efficient.

If sis pake which way? All the way I use to reduce footprints.

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