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Through Social Bookmarking Sites

SOCIAL BOOK MARKING is very easy to increase the Traffic of a Blog / Website, with mesubmit our articles to SOCIAL BOOKMARKING we can get Traffic high and easy, Social Book Marking facilitate blog / website articles that we make in visit many people. Usually Social Book Marking like Facebook . com , Twitter . com , Pinteres, tumblr . com , Digg . com , Scoop It, Fark, Slashdot etc, have a very high user or RANK, this is potentially Blog / Website articles that we make will be seen by many visitors.


Nowadays who does not use social media? really ! social media users such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, Google + are currently in business, 85% in the world today use Social Media as Entertainment, Business, or just looking for a partner. Of course, the period with 85% in the world of Social Media users no one who visited our Blog / Website, reasonable ?, Well it is recommended for you to spread the link in social media so that your Blog / Website Traffic increases in 1 Hour. Try to make Facebook FansPage with your Blog / Website Name.

Through Blog Walking

Blog walking is a term used when you visit other people's blogs with similar themes with your blog, you can leave comments along with your Blog / Website URL. In addition to improving the relationship between publishers Blog walking also affect the traffic of your blog / website.

But one thing that needs to be remembered in this Blog walking, dilang send Comment SPAM, Suppose you visit Blog other people who do not setopik with our Blog and leave comments + URL, this can be said SPAM action and can tarnish Blog Or PUBLICER.

By writing comments on blogs / similar websites (cultivated Blogs that we visit + commented ber PAGE RANK High) it is very influential on your Blog / Website. In Blog Walking it does require extra patience.


"It does not know then no love" The proverb was closely related in a website / blog, how can your traffic increase if you have not acquainted with Google? Make sense ? yaaa, introduce your Blog / Website to Google Webmaster. How to Submit URL ARTICLES in Google Webmaster. This Link to submit your article (WEBMASTER SUBMIT).


Backling is very influential in Blog / Website, Blog / Website that has thousands of baclink or hundreds usually occupy the top 10 google search. Look for high quality Backlinks that can support your Blog in search Engin Google.


Consistency is the most important thing in the affairs of Blogging, it is endeavored that you are consistent to create an article Do not go around it. Try 1 day to make 2 articles, routine until you get pagerank minimum 0.


Seo Density is a program that is provided to set the keyword of a Blog / Website article, Seo Density can check all Words in a blog / Perartikel that we make then take the conclusion of our entire blog to be the appropriate title and relavan, to go to the site click in addition to this (SEO DENSITY)

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