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Greeting The Internet Marketer,

Gee looks bener I'm a big fan of Scrapebox, at this time I want to provide additional scrapebox features that may be passed by the internet marketers.

As you know, scrapebox is a very AMAZING tool. With a price of just $ 57 once paid, there is a myriad of functions and features that we can get from Scrapebox.

Right now I want to give my opinion, as I start giving my personal experience in this forum. I started getting some questions about indexing backlinks. I myself also see that google earnings, have started smart (read spammers) or start slow (because again update algorithm times) to index a website or backlink. One of the fastest ways to get our backlink indexed is to use the scrapebox comment feature. Yup, again scrapebox ...

As you know, scrapebox is a commeting tool for blogs. And as you know, blogs that are commented by scrapebox have been indexed by google. And and as you know, google earnings like to visit an active blog because it often gets comment. : D

This is where we use scrapebox.


What happens if we put a backlink comment on blogs favored by google plusblog is already indexed by google plus blogs are often in the coming by google earnings ???

YUP result is our backlink will be more easily indexed by google . O :-)Because bergitu google earnings come to the blog, then he will start to crawl all the links in the blog tersbut and BINGO .. there are backlinks we are there, then google earnings go backlinks plus our plus in the index by gooogle because it was in coming by earnings google it.

This is one of the best functions of scrapebox that I like best from this scrapebox software. So if you want your backlinks quickly indexed by google, do comment blast with scrapebox on a regular basis to increase the chances of backlinks on blogs that have been indexed.

wow ... I have to ask for a commission from scrapebox deh for promoting their software ... hahaha

Hopefully my sharing is useful for you ..

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