How to Solve a Fast Xiaomi Smartphone in 5 Minutes

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Who wants to have a hot smartphone? I do not think so anyway. Hot Smartphone will make our finger hot when using it and not good for our smartphone if we keep wearing it in the heat.

Well, this time Vebma will provide a way to resolve Xiaomi smartphone that quickly hot. If you are a Xiaomi user, there may be several factors that cause your smartphone to heat up quickly. But calm aja, yuk directly refer to the following article.

1. Turn off the smartphone while in the charger

If you often use your smartphone while in the charger, then you should not do again ya guys. Because the smartphone will work heavier while in the charger coupled with you who use the smartphone. So from that, you should just turn off ya guys when your smartphone is in the charger.

2. Reduce the use of widgets

The second way, you can reduce the use of widgets in your Xiaomi. Widgets have a function that beautify and make your screen look more interesting and not boring.

However, excessive use of widgets will make your Xiaomi smartphone hot fast. Widgets will make RAM and Xiaomi battery continue to work so will cause the smartphone hot or overheat fast.

3. Closes unused apps behind the scenes

If you forget to close the app when you use it, this will make the application will continue to run on the screen without you knowing it makes your Xiaomi smartphone hot fast.

So, should you close the unused apps on your back screen so that the app is really not running and certainly can reduce the overheating of your smartphone.

4. Using a smartphone is not excessive

It is undeniable that the smartphone has now become a necessity for most people so many people who can not get away with smartphones.

However, using a smartphone excessively certainly cause a bad impact on ourselves and our smartphone. Your smartphone will quickly heat up and it will explode if we continue to use it without stopping. So, using a smartphone just naturally yes guys!

5. Update MIUI

MIUI is a system that is in Xiaomi smartphone only. The newly updated MIUI system is MIUI 9.

If you are still using Xiaomi with MIUI still old version might just make your smartphone become faster hot. Therefore, you should update the latest MIUI so that your smartphone does not heat quickly.

Well, that's 5 ways to overcome Xiaomi smartphones are hot fast. Who does not want to have a cool phone and do not heat quickly? Hopefully useful yes.

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