How to Research Another Keyword

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Keyword research is intended to reset the keywords that dilkukan if my friend already has a blog. The goal is to find a "keyword / postings gold" that could be potential again later if the keywords are found to be lifted again to the position of # 1 google.

So the conditions are that my friend should have a blog first, of course, a blog that has a catch keyword in webmastertools google.

Reset keywords this will usually be more optimal if done on your old blog with a lot of posts [because of the potential catch of keywords will be more].

Okay just go, the steps are as follows.

Access GWT google . com / webmasters / tools Click search queries View list Keyword capture Click Impresion Well, here's the SECRET. Here consider Query, Impression, click, CTR, Average position. Actually, if we look at the value of the calculation of the four types of the last element almost all follow the pattern. If Impression is large, click position, ctr, and kw are also high. But not always so because there can be anomalies (inconsistencies) on the numbers, for example because the query (Keyword nyanya), and so forth. Here your instinct must play to look for the anomaly. One trick is to find the big impression, but our position is still quite large as well.

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