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Youtube is the largest and most popular video storage media today, There are so many interesting and useful videos there so no one to say youtube is more than tv Boom. For those who know youtube is not just a place to view the video alone but there we can also earn more income than on the salary of a permanent employee in private company.

Since a lot of people who post about their income from playing youtube now a lot of people who are willing to take his job to focus the plunge into the world of youtube, So no wonder if the search keywords about " how to make our youtube video there first page, how to make youtube video easy searched, how to get a lot of viewer on youtube, how to add youtube viewer quickly, how to create a good youtube video, how to get youtube viewers quickly, how to fill tags on youtube, youtube videos watched most of the time "often appear in Google related search .

Increasingly high competition does not mean you can not win page one in google search engine, If you want your video to be diurutan first when the visitor do a search with certain keywords or in accordance with the video you upload please follow the article today.

Some Factors that make Youtube Video Page One on Google. Before we discuss how to make our video at the first page is good we know in advance actually any factor that affect a video can page one?

1. Channel name selection in accordance with the targeted Keyword.

Believe it or not a channel name can affect the appearance of your video on the Google search page. Try experimenting for example you are looking for "jokowi news" in Google search engine then look at its search results.

Channel search results by keyword How can you see for yourself not if the channel name also has an important role for your video to be at the top of the search, So create a channel name with the keywords you are targeting.

Not just the name of the channel you should pay attention but also complete the form about from the channel that you have, Make the social media from fanspage, instagram, gplus and others. Remember also paste the keyword of the video video that you will upload on the channel later.

2. Writing Video Title That will be uploaded to youtube.

There are some people believe the longer the video title the greater the chance the video can win the first position in google, I think it's "Agree with that opinion" But it should be based on what you want to do with the visitors, Do not once you make a video far different from the title of your example for the title of the video about the tutorial blog eh pas visitor viewed contents even MLM ads already deh video deh you will not have anyone want to see, It's still Click Bait need but make sure also the content does not deviate from the title you've made, Tips do not forget to paste the main keyword of the video you will upload.

3. Use of Images in Uploaded Videos.

Pictures or thumbnails on the video also play an important role in your video ranking so use or create thumbnails that attract visitors to view / click your video. Oh yes for now if you want to use thumbnail costume feature on video on youtube you have to verify channel with hp number. 4. Selection of correct Video Tags.

Use the tag feature on youtube to maximize your uploaded videos Search Video tags you can do just as you are searching for keywords when you want to write content or articles on your blog. Please open or it could be in google keyword planner. Or you can also use a simple trick that is by way of open source on the video competitors or channel opponents who have the same niche with your channel. 5. Creation Full and clear description on youtube videos.

Writing a description on the video that we upload on youtube is very important to explain the content that we have, Here you can also paste the keywords you are shooting, Make a long video description because basically search engines do the first index is yes on the writing, forgot to also write source of supporting content from your video so that you will not be subject to copyright infringement such as backsound usage, picture etc .. 6. Create unique content for youtube videos.

This is obviously what you should do if you want your videos to be in the first position of google search, because google really likes the content that is fresh let alone the content again trending in the search, One word from me "Stay away from the Reupload culture if you really want to seriously build channel to earn money every month "If you want to reupload make sure the video is not 100% the same as the original video. Please do your own experiments such as changing meta data, add, delete, edit etc. (Makes the robots slide the safest one) . 7. Make a Playlist of the videos you upload.

If you have a gado channel make playlist playlist because unwittingly the playlist we create will sometimes appear in the search results of visitors on youtube. Trust Me its work bro !! Create playlists on youtube channel 8. Do Share to social media and submit to google console and other optimizations.

Of course this is very necessary to do, Because actually make the video can be in page one is the same as when we want our articles are in page one google, Do share to various social media if there is a forum or sosbook is also good for optimization do not forget also to submit link your videos to various search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex and Embed Videos are usually available on sites that can convert and download video files from mp4 to mp3 or other. 9. Use well all the features available on youtube.

You can see there are so many features that we can utilize to optimize seo from our video like for example, "Final screen and Annotation", "Card" both of these features if at the same blog diblog important as related post there you can insert interesting video there is a dichannel that you have, Install the subcribe button and so on. And try to get like from your video watch, Comment is good and build. Hide the number of subscribers if the number of subscribers from your channel is still minimal.

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