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visitors with PBN until now still very happy by the activist seo, Because this technique is still very effective until now just to build a good blog PBN is also required a smooth cost, Not only that if we are wrong techniques in building the existing PBN later even our blog does not get the effect of anything the most severe blog even in Deindex by Google and other search engines.

Therefore in this article I will share tips before membagun PBN for money site or our main blog. This article has been summarized from some mastah advice in the field of SEO blogging.

Okay so it can be concluded PBN is a technique of making Backlink that he said banned by Google, this PBN is usually built from the old Domain or Expired Domain that has a nice backlink in it, usually in the host on the platform blogger or wordpress.

The main thing needed before building a good PBN.

Before we build a PBN we need to know in advance How to choose the right expired domain so can not be originally bought Expired domain, This is very influential on your success in building PBN (Private Blog Network)

How to find the correct Expired domain.

In case of looking for an Expired domain to build PBN we need to use the following Tools. Ahref, Semrush etc.

Domain Criteria for PBN

Aged domain / expired domain guns problem.

Have backlinks from at least 50 reffering domains, with at least 50% of them have ahrefs domain rank (DR) above 50.

Comparison of the number of backlinks with reffering domain guns are much different, maximum 3-4 times aja. Eg reffering domain 50, total backlink total 150-200.

Backlink MANDATORY from within content / articles. Can be checked manually via Ahrefs. If the backlinks of comments, profiles, forums etc we can duplicate itself.

Backlink MUST be at least 50% of DOFOLLOW link from web with DR above 50. Can be checked via Ahrefs.

Backlink MUST still exist. Manual check one-one, see url backlinknya still exist or guns.

Backlink MANDATORY Native, not the result of redirect 301 other domains. Check one by one via ahrefs. Check the anchor text backlink (via Ahrefs). Most brand domains? homepage? exact match keyword? porn, gambling, viagra and the like? choose a normal look / brand domain.

Check the candidate domain PBN to https : // web . archive . org / , what used to be used? It would be great if the first hand directly, not the former PBN someone else, not the former other web contrived, and not a former 301 redirect.

Usually, the former company, organization, personal blog, place of business, so-so have a clean history and a nice backlink.

Web candidate PBN there backlink / anchor text Chinese language or other foreign language? check first with google translate. Often the backlinks come from the web authority as well, but other languages. So not all backlinks from foreign languages ​​are ugly.

Free domain extension. Please take com, net, info, org, me, life, co, xyz, and others. The important go into the parameters above.

It would be better if the domain of a single niche PBN with our moneysite. But if you have a nice backlink mah, guns a niche also take.

Selection of good Hosting for PBN.

For your own hosting can you customize with the money you have, Buy the type of shared hosting is up to where the heck. pbn backlink

If you do not have a lot of money you can take advantage of free hosting from Blogger, So it will stay costum domain only.

Remember for the data in each hosting that is listed should be made different, And use also Hide data feature Who is but not everything yes.

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