Choose Many Backlinks or Quality Backlinks?

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This question is the usual out of most bloggers, including myself. Yaps, many backlinks or quality backlinks?

Personally, both types of backlinks are equally good. Why?

Because it depends on how to play our own. Is playing safe or playing fast? Both are certainly very DIFFERENT!

Okay, for example in outline gini aja dehh .. First, Techniques Play Fast = Churn and Burn

You create a blog that does not last long, eyebrows pursue profit quickly. A small example is to create a wallpaper blog or semi wallpaper. This blog type is very fast up visitornya, and you can use many backlink techniques. Whether it's quality or not. Because the main target is profit or end result!

Second, Safe Play Technique = Creating Blog Authority Mean ....

Here you make a blog that really has quality. Whether it's from the content, backlinks, user experiences and more. Of course this is not easy, and it takes patience. Because traffic does not come quickly.

Well, the difference here is most of the bloggers who build authority type blogs, they mostly make quality backlinks. For example, they are willing to spend a big budget for SEO. From buying aged domains to PBN, spying backlink tools, Zombies, and so forth.

...... Now, what about you guys?

Both techniques are equally good, depending on how you apply them! I myself use both techniques, and still profit!

Okay, have you got it?

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