Algo AI Google is horrified for spinners

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AI algorithm update (artificial intelligence) can now know which players are white, semi white, black, and semi-black including spiner.

So many spiner blogs are uprooted in a matter of days or months.

Where can be more spinning maen, if in the era of algo brain ai.

Most likely spiner word ai, indospiner and the like will fall in the era of algo now.

Speaking of Google Brain, I think this algorithm will greatly benefit white and white players.

And the bad news may have a big impact on sites that are "spamming" and spiner where their site was first detected and branded spaming by algo ai, the possibility of your site will be kicked into the realm of the brantah.

Actually what makes this algorithm interesting ai? I will love some examples only, the rest please in your own analysis

If we flashback to back, first to make some related keywords, then we need effort that is tiring. For example when we want to target 2 similar keywords (example: Benefits of Garlic and Benefits of Garlic), then we need to make the title: "Benefits and Benefits of Garlic". In Indonesian is good and true, obviously this title is WRONG, but because of our need for SEO, so how else.

Well that pulls Google Brain, you can type in your own keyword "garlic benefits" and "garlic efficacy" to see the results.

The next example case is the keyword "how to treat toothache".

Let's focus our view on the website in the 2nd rank, no words "how to treat toothache" in the title, there is only toothache medicine, and this is the magic of Google Brain.

Yes these are just a few examples to illustrate Google Brain. The question now, how to do the optimization so that we can maximize this algorithm as well as possible.

1. Relevance Content

Make content as relevant as possible with the targeted keywords. For example we aim at "toothache medicine" and "how to treat toothache" in 1 article, then make a discussion both of them well.

2. Use the LSI keyword in the article

Let's go back to the screenshoot "garlic benefits", and look in the description section. If we used to always be fixated with exactkeyword, now Google is more sophisticated. For those who do not understand, let's look at the description on the part of the bold, garlic words apart with the word benefit or efficacy.

So now we do not need nebar LSI the exact keyword and make the article becomes unreadable.

3. Anchor Text

Anchor text that have a tremendous influence in SEO. And in the era of Google Brain now, we can take advantage of variations of anchor text so we can merangkinkan "related keywords" with easy. For example for the keyword "garlic benefits" and "garlic efficacy", use both as variations.

Variations of this anchor text not only apply to inbound links, but also can be done on internal links between articles.

Maybe it's seo tips in facing the latest algo ai from google.

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