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This time I will discuss about tips on making blog articles interesting and quality. Writing articles is a laborious, heavy work. So that the reader will feel heavy, if the article you make it looks flat and boring. Yesterday there is my blogger friend who asked via email about technical or blog article format that looks interesting and comfortable to read. Well, the key I think is very simple, because "the article was made to read", not just increase the number of posts. Well, for this time I will share some tips to friends related to the format of writing a blog article. if previously you have not read about non-technical factors in writing articles, please refer to the first Tips Writing Blog Articles Qualified and Full of Ideas.

Okay, go to article format again. It's just a matter of getting used to and remembering the format or form of user friendly articles. Instantly getting used to it, it would be fun, and moreover it would produce something profitable. To ensure your articles are read and readable, here are some tips on the format of blog article presentation:

1. Use paragraph

Paragraphs are essential to share the thoughts, so that the contents of each subject can be poured with clear boundaries. Readers can easily follow each thought as there is separation. One paragraph should not be too long, for example up to more than half a page, as this may degrade the mood of the reader. Remember, paragraphs do not necessarily have to be a bunch of sentences in large numbers, sometimes just one sentence, even just one word! Do not forget to give spaces between paragraphs / give empty space, so the paragraphs do not seem crowded.

2. Use the format justify (flat left right)

This format tends to create articles without a neat on each side, so read it well to read the article you make. Use this text align justify on the form of writing in pure articles. If there are any posts that contain other forms such as code / script, do not apply the left-right flat on the part. Because it can make your article difficult to read.

3. Use lists, either numbers or other forms (unordered list).

Use lists to emphasize points in order to make the reader easy to remember and take the essence. If there is additional explanation, then added in a few sentences or a paragraph. When there is a format list, the reader will know if there is a point emphasis and a hint that it is in this list that all the important points to say. This is very useful if you create articles that have points emphasized, such as tips, instructions, procedures, manuals, types, and others.

4. Use heading or sub-heading

Using headings can provide an opportunity to share posts in certain sub-sub. This will make it easier for readers to move from one point to another. Heading or sub headings in HTML format using header tags from


. My suggestion use sub headings below the article title level. So you can easily format it by using

Selection text on a line that you want to make sub headings, then look up text editor agan, there is dropdown menu with main menu "Normal", click and select format heading, sub heading, or minor heading. In WordPress, the main menu view is "Paragraph", change to header1, header2, header3, .... and so on.

5. Use creative and interesting article titles

The title of the article is like a crown, so you have to make the title as creative as possible. Do not just fixate on keywords, because it can reduce the value of the article. For example, instead of using "8 Dating Tips" try different variations. Example, "Get Your Mate With These 8 Easy Ways!". Use also more provocative formats, for example by using a question sentence. Often loh I find incoming search that uses keyword sentences asked, for example, "What is link building anyway?"

Okay, hopefully these tips can provide an image for you to be more insightful with the writing format on the article that you make.


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