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2 Ways To Keep Your Blog Frequently Frozen By Google - Indexed articles are one of the goals that bloggers often want to achieve. Because if your blog article is not indexed it is difficult for visitors to find articles or posts on your blog. With posting indexed quickly or become number 1 in google of course it will make your blog flooded by visitors let alone your post is located number 1 on the google search engine page.

If if your blog contains posts - posts of quality and length exceeds 1500 words very in pity if your blog post is not indexed by google. As a result blogs that are not indexed will not have regular visitors or not many who visit your blog. Then bagaiaman way for articles can be indexed in google quickly and easily?

Here I will explain and provide reviews on how to post quickly indexed in google only takes 1 second. Why so soon? because we use the facilities provided by google for free. By using this facility is not impossible again your blog will be indexed very quickly and directly on the google search engine page. This is the best way to index your blog to google in my opinion. When you do this way your article is directly indexed by google. Okay just see how the following.

The First Way to Get Live Posts Indexed in Google Search

Step 1. You go to add url google by clicking the link this link https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url?

Step 2. Copy Url / link of article or post that you want to submit to Google.

Step 3. Paste the link into the "URL" field already provided.

Step 4. Next you click I open the robot, then the image will appear select the same image.

Submit google url

Step 5. If it has Click Request.

The Second Way for Live Posts to be Google Indexed

1. Please log into your webmaster tools.

2. Next click on your URL Address.

3. Select crawling or crawl, then choose fetch as Google or fetch as google.

feth as google

4. Then click grab (fetch) or grab and render (Fetch and render)

5. Next will appear writing send index, then click send, "Wait until the process Done".

That's the article I told about 2 Ways To Get Google Indexed Fast Postings. May be useful.

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